A good day in the forest

As a forester, you have the right to make demands. A Moheda has been developed to withstand tough conditions. A robust powerhouse with a well-thought-out design that manoeuvres smoothly in the terrain without being heavy-handed. A reliable and flexible companion that that is always there for you, regardless of the season and weather. FTG Moheda gives you what you need – for a good day in the forest.

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Välkommen till FTG Mohedas nya webbplats

Welcome to the new FTG Moheda website. A lot is the same but some things have changed, for the better we hope. The Moheda logo (the name) has been given a new colour to match the colour of the trailers and a slightly more pronounced font. We hope you will like the new site and find what you are looking for.

We are curious to hear what you think. If there is something you miss or if you find something that doesn’t work as expected, get in touch with us and tell us what you think. You’re also welcome to report if you like it and are excited by what you see,

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FTG Moheda product range

Discover FTG Moheda’s wide range of forest trailers, forest cranes, road graders, scarifiers and accessories, designed to meet the needs of both self-employed forest owners and professional contractors.